Wellington's Meals to White Plains Hospital

We are humbled by this note sent from a registered nurse at White Plains hospital. The generosity of our guests, The Upper Class family, has touched so many!

During the last week of April, Wellington's Grill in Harrison provided 7 nights of hot meals to the frontline workers at White Plains Hospital. This incredible gesture was made possible by the generosity of you, The Upper Class family. This was the second week of meal donations, which we announced on our Facebook page at the time.

We were so touched by this latest news, we had to share:

A registered nurse working at the hospital sent this note. And this was just one of the many thank you's we received! These are photos sent from our friends inside the hospital:

The meals are meant as our show of support to the healthcare workers, thanking them for their incredible work. And they in turn are thanking us. We are so grateful to be part of this amazing community. #WestchesterStrong

Thank you to the Wellington's team that prepared the meals, we know they were made with a little extra care! With a huge thanks to Aly and Bill Powell, the owners of Wellington's, for their incredible enthusiasm and support of our community.

We are so grateful to our guests, The Upper Class family, for your extraordinary contributions that made this possible. Thank you!

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