Virtual Fleet Week NYC

Since we can't do our annual Memorial Day Fleet Week day cruise, we are so excited to bring you Virtual Fleet Week New York 2020. It's the next best thing to being there!

Last year, we introduced our first ever cruise during New York Fleet Week. Taking place on Memorial Day 2019, the trip became an instant best seller and we immediately planned it again for 2020. Even though we can't do this year's trip, we can still celebrate Fleet Week, just in time for Memorial Day 2020! Since we couldn't host our Fleet Week cruise this year, we hope this virtual tour is the next best thing to being there!

This year, the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard announced Virtual Fleet Week New York! To celebrate the military sea services, Fleet Week will be presented in a virtual environment for the first time. To watch the exciting video announcement, CLICK HERE.

This year's celebration kicked off with a virtual parade of ships that we just know will give you goosebumps. To watch it, CLICK HERE. The virtual parade was created using footage taken over the last several years, making you feel like you're standing on the decks with the soldiers. 

 Each of the different branches of the military sea services are presenting different events for Fleet Week. To start, let's go aboard the USS Laboon and take a virtual tour of this Navy destroyer! To watch Part 1 of the behind the scenes tour aboard the Laboon, CLICK HERE. To watch Part 2 of the tour, CLICK HERE.

For our next seafaring vessel, we join the Coast Guard! Stationed in our backyard in Sandy Hook, NJ, board the Coast Guard Cutter Shrike, for a virtual tour led by Chief Petty Officer Ryan Berger. To take the virtual tour, CLICK HERE.

Fleet Week wouldn't be complete without patriotic music and classic tunes. The USO has a long-standing history supporting all branches of the military, known as the Force Behind The Forces. This year, the USO of Metropolitan New York got together virtually to create this moving tribute to the red, white and blue. To watch them perform America The Beautiful, CLICK HERE.

We've always been moved by the incredible dedication, discipline and beauty displayed by the United StatesMarine Corps Silent Drill Platoon. With rifles spinning here is a past performance of their amazing silent drill routine that took place at the Iwo Jima Memorial, accompanied by the Drum and Bugle Corps. To watch, CLICK HERE. Did you know each rifle weighs ten and a half pounds?

We needed a big finale to finish our Virtual Fleet Week. We could think of no better crescendo than the Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds. A few weeks ago, these military pilots journeyed across the country as part of Operation America Strong. They soared above hospitals in a salute to healthcare workers, with spectacular fly-overs above cities across the USA. This video captures some of the most stirring scenes, including footage taken from the cockpit! To watch, CLICK HERE.

Thanks to the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard for making the celebration virtual so we can all take part!  A big thank you to Fleet Week New York for these virtual events that came in perfect time for Memorial Day Weekend!

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