EXCLUSIVE! Virtual Tour of Longwood Gardens & Fountain Festiv

Featuring the incredible Fountain Festival, Longwood Gardens has become a favorite summer trip. To celebrate the start of summer, join us for a virtual tour of Longwood Gardens. Go behind the scenes at the orchid greenhouses, step into the Chime Tower and be amazed by the Fountains!

With clear blue skies and a refreshing breeze, today reminds us there is so much beauty in the world.  While we miss seeing all of you on the road, we are working hard to bring you fun and joy in new ways. We hope you’ll join us!

It's hard to believe that summer is here, with the official start to the season just a few days away on June 20. Over the last few years, the Fountain Festival at Longwood Gardens has become a favorite summer trip. Longwood recently overhauled their fountains throughout the gardens, creating an incredible network of water features. The new fountains have become an incredible highlight of the Longwood experience and a customer favorite.

To celebrate the start of summer, we are excited to share the beauty of the gardens. Since a virtual visit to Longwood wouldn’t be complete without the excitement of the fountains, we are so happy to include several incredible videos and fascinating background about the fountains and their origins.  To show the scope and incredible nature of the fountains, it might help to know that, after seeing the new fountains for the first time, The Washington Post gushed, “The new Longwood Fountain will incorporate effects that would make Louis XIV, the patron of Versailles, hold tight to his powdered wig!”

The fountains create an incredible contrast set against the color of Longwood’s world-famous gardens.  The fountains were the long-held dream of Pierre DuPont, the creator and original owner of Longwood Gardens. As a child, DuPont had been inspired by European fountains, which drove him to create what ultimately would become the Fountains at Longwood. CLICK HERE  to watch a video that gives an incredible glimpse in to the inspiration and history of his idea.  

The fountains are a site to behold, but you’d never know there is highly innovative technology behind the scenes. The new innovations now transform each fountain show into a choreographed performance of dancing water! CLICK HERE to watch a video that shares incredible detail about the concept behind the new fountains and the technology that makes it possible!

CLICK HERE  to watch a video featuring some amazing views of the new fountains with incredible commentary from visitors seeing the fountains for the first time. We know it isn’t the same as being there, but hopefully it gets you excited to join us the next time we go!

To watch a video of the entire fountain show set to favorite music from the 70s, CLICK HERE.

Not to be outdone, the Chime Tower has also been brought back to its former glory. Formally called a Carillon, the tower features 62 bells. The smallest is 6 inches and weighs 20 pounds. The largest is 6 feet around and weighs almost 7,000 pounds! To see the tower and watch a bell performance, CLICK HERE . To read more about the Chime Tower, CLICK HERE. You can even play the bells yourself. CLICK HERE to see if you have what it takes to be a carilloner!

Longwood is famous for their Orchid House, and the year-round, continuous orchid display! With a conservatory featuring a wide variety of different orchids, you’ll be amazed at the color and beauty. CLICK HERE to watch a video that gives you an orchid tour and takes you behind the scenes at the orchid greenhouses!

According to the Longwood horticulturists, the warm night time temperatures we’ve been experiencing have created the perfect conditions for peonies. CLICK HERE to watch a video of their latest garden walk showing the beautiful blooms nodding in the breeze alongside giant globes of purple allium.

We hope you enjoyed this virtual visit to Longwood Gardens. Nature, innovation, color, music and beautiful blooms make this a special place and the perfect way for us to start summer from a distance!


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