The Museum of Oddities at The Old Connecticut State House

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Built in 1796, The Old State House in Hartford, CT has many Colonial charms and a surprise that is very much unexpected. The home of the Colonial Assembly, the first state senate and the site of the Amistad Trials, the Old State House rings with history and heritage. With your expert guide, see the historic court room and cabinet chambers while centuries of legends come to life. Overseeing the proceedings is an
enormous portrait of George Washington, painted in 1800.

The state house is also the keeper of many of the state’s most compelling oddities! Tucked away on the top floor is a collection of rarities and curiosities, a surprising hidden gem just begging to be explored.
See the 8-foot alligator dangling from the ceiling, the albino wood creatures, giant lobster claw and whale vertebrae laying under a table. What do you think the mysterious mechanical devices were meant for? The calf with two complete heads was an important piece of the original collection and still amazes! This cabinet of curiosities will transport you to the days of early American side show collections and roadside fairs that had to be seen to be believed!

Begin the day with lunch at Salute Restaurant, a customer favorite!

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  • Guided Tour of the Old CT State House
  • featuring the Museum of Oddities
  • Lunch at Salute Restaurant
  • Upper Class Tour Director
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Thursday March 28th, 2019

  • Yonkers 8:30am
  • White Plains 9:00am


Thursday March 28th, 2019

  • White Plains 6:00pm
  • Yonkers 6:15pm
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